Acquisitions Program & Contract Management

Programmatic and contracting efforts that contribute to weapon systems, automated information systems, and services acquisition.

Mission Planning & Operations Staffing

Planning, coordinating, and executing efforts across a wide scope of functional areas on customer organizational staffs that directly contribute to customer mission operations.

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)

Wide variety of efforts directed by policies, organized and structured in processes and supporting procedures that plan, deliver, operate, and control IT services.

Systems Architecture & Engineering

Interdisciplinary technical efforts focused on conceptual modeling, designing, testing, and managing complex engineering and IT systems over their life cycles.

Training & Exercise Management

Planning, development, and implementation of training, workforce development, and assessments to achieve and sustain proficiencies in critical tasks required to accomplish our customers' missions.

Facilities Planning & Management

Interdisciplinary technical efforts focused on planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining facilities and infrastructures.

Systems Test, Integration & Deployment

Interdisciplinary technical efforts to move a developed system through stages to verify compliance with specified requirements, integrate the system into the enterprise, and achieve full operational capability.

Executive & Administrative Staff

Administrative efforts that contribute to office operations at any organizational level (including the Executive level) such as scheduling, conducting research, creating reports, preparing agendas, maintaining budgets, tracking actions, etc.

Systems, Organizational, & Operational Analysis

Analytical efforts to decompose systems, organizations, and operations into component parts, to study how well those components accomplish their purpose, to identify problems, and to recommend enhancements.

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