Robert “Bob” Harrington 

Director, Joint Operations Services


Robert “Bob” Harrington is the Director for Compass Joint Operations Services with 30+ years of Defense and Intelligence experience, over 10 years with Compass, Inc. He is a retired Air Force officer with combat and joint tours in the Middle East and Pacific theaters. He is a leader across acquisitions, architecture, engineering, analysis, and research for a wide variety of military systems, including: space; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); command and control (C2); strategic; combat support; communications; networks; and artificial intelligence. He is an organizational leader, facilitator, knowledge manager, and instructor, with a specialty in designing and implementing doctrinal, organizational, policy, and process transformations.


Bob holds a BS in Computer and Information Science from Troy State University, MS in Computer Systems/Software Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and MA in Organizational Management/Leadership from The George Washington University. He is a former search and rescue/recovery diver and squad captain; and a former marathoner. His current passions are writing, gaming, hiking, and biking.